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Dear friends

If my teenage son were wanted for questioning, I would expect to receive a summons from the Police to bring him in. But for Palestinian parents, the first notice they receive that their son is wanted for questioning is when Israeli soldiers come pounding on their door in the middle of the night. Every year, hundreds of children age 14 to 17 are taken from their beds, blindfolded and handcuffed. Of course, this is hugely traumatic for both the minor being arrested, and also for the parents and for younger siblings. Rather than being a last resort, night arrests are the Israeli military’s first recourse for bringing Palestinian kids for questioning, no matter the severity of the allegations.

We have petitioned the High Court of Justice for a second time to put a stop to this policy. In response to our first petition, the military initiated a new procedure for issuing summons, but we see that it has changed nothing on the ground.  

So far this year, in 132 cases, parents have called HaMoked asking us to locate their child after a pre-planned night arrest. We asked each of these parents whether they had received a summons before soldiers came and took their child  in the middle of the night. Not one of these parents received a summons beforehand!

The High Court of Justice is scheduled to hear our petition on December 8. We hope, even in a very hostile public climate, that the Court will find the courage to state clearly that traumatic night arrests of children can only be used as a last resort.

The government now being formed in Israel casts a dark shadow on HaMoked’s efforts, but we are more determined than ever to continue our work. Whatever happens, we will do whatever we can to protect the rights of Palestinian children in detention. To do this, we need your support. Next week we will launch a crowdfunding campaign and I hope I can count on you to donate and also to share with your friends, so that HaMoked has the resources necessary to respond to all those who need our help.



Jessica Montell
Executive Director of HaMoked

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