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Dear friends,

As many of us gather for Passover, Easter or the Ramadan break-fast with our families, I think of those who are not free to do so - of the families divided between Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem, unable to reunite because of Israel’s restrictive policies.

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I think of the Palestinians whose spouses are stuck abroad, unable to return home to the West Bank. Israel bars foreign spouses from receiving legal status in the West Bank, even if they have lived there for years. And if they leave the West Bank, new military regulations make it even harder for them to return home. HaMoked is leading the legal battle against these restrictions.

I think of the thousands of East Jerusalem families where one spouse is denied legal status in the city due to the discriminatory law banning Palestinian family unification. HaMoked relaunched its litigation to strike down this law, and provides individual assistance to hundreds of families.

I think of the deep inequalities between Israelis and Palestinians: while I fully expect the Police to protect my family from violence, we have seen repeatedly that the Police stand by while Palestinian families are attacked by extremists.

The big picture can lead to despair, so I’m glad to be working at HaMoked, where our interventions make a real, tangible difference to people’s lives every day: obtaining a permit so a woman can visit her sick mother in Gaza; lifting a travel ban so a man can visit family abroad; locating a teenage boy in detention and alleviating some of his parents’ anxiety; obtaining legal status for a Jerusalemite mother so she no longer fears deportation from her home.

With this new government undermining the most basic human rights principles, and their allies specifically targeting and attacking HaMoked – we need your support. Your donation will enable us to continue assisting hundreds of Palestinians each month who are denied basic freedoms and rights.

Wishing you happy holidays and a more hopeful spring,


Jessica Montell



Jessica Montell
Executive Director of HaMoked



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