Center for the Defence of the Individual - CC (Jerusalem) 5418/04 - Al-Khatib v. The State of Israel et al.
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19.04.2004|Court Documents|Complaint

CC (Jerusalem) 5418/04 - Al-Khatib v. The State of Israel et al.

Compensatory claim for personal injuries filed by a 14-year-old youth who was shot and severely wounded while taking part in gym class at his school in Hebron. Eyewitnesses related that soldiers who were at a nearby checkpoint aimed their weapons at the school and immediately after that, a shot was heard. The plaintiff suffers from a high degree of permanent disability as a result of injury to his chest, and paralysis of his left hand. The complaint alleges that the soldiers, who were operating as agents of the state, fired without justification, without verifying the target, in a residential area next to a school, and for no reason, and that they fired in violation of the open-fire regulations. The shooting was part of an ordinary “police” action, which was not a “combat action,” so the defendants should not be exempted from liability.

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