Center for the Defence of the Individual - CC (Jerusalem) 7580/05 - Atrash et al. v. The State of Israel
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27.07.2005|Court Documents|Complaint

CC (Jerusalem) 7580/05 - Atrash et al. v. The State of Israel

Civil suit filed by HaMoked for soldiers’ severe maltreatment of two Palestinian brothers who were driving their trucks on Route 60 not far from Hebron. The suit also seeks compensation for another incident in which one of the brothers was forced to get out of his truck and was taken to a nearby base, where soldiers beat him while he was handcuffed and blindfolded. The soldiers also attempted to force him to drink water, despite his declarations that he was in the midst of the Ramadan fast. He was not questioned by the soldiers. The Military Police investigation was closed because, as claimed, no sufficient evidence against the soldiers were found.


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