CC (Jerusalem) 5358/07 Khalifa et al. v. The State of Israel et al. Complaint המוקד להגנת הפרט
CC (Jerusalem) 5358/07 Khalifa et al. v. The State of Israel et al. Complaint
Court Documents | Complaint | 03.05.2007
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Civil complaint filed by HaMoked in the matter of the seizure and destruction of two herds near the village of Budrus. The event itself and the ensuing proceedings were marked by omissions, failures, falsehoods, cover ups and concealing vital information from the Court. The herds were destroyed without the owners being given a chance to make their claims against the slaughter as prescribed by law and without an examination of the livestock to see whether they were carrying dangerous diseases. Additionally, an application was made to the Court for a court order to forfeit the meet procured from the herds, but the application included incoherent partial sections which were apparently edited with the purpose of misleading the Court. Moreover, the Court itself held a superficial hearing without properly examining the details. In the claim, the Plaintiffs, represented by HaMoked, demand compensation for monetary damages, mental anguish, breach of administrative duties and punitive damages.
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