Center for the Defence of the Individual - AAA 3268/14 - Al-Haq v. Minister of Interior Judgment
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14.03.2017|Judgment|Judgment / Supreme Court

AAA 3268/14 - Al-Haq v. Minister of Interior Judgment

Acceptance of a appeal against the State's intention not to restore the status of a resident of Jerusalem who immigrated to the US with his family as a minor and returned to Jerusalem as an adult. The Court rules that the status of residents of Jerusalem is unique as indigenous inhabitants of the city, and revoked status can be restored. The Justices added that the affinity to Israel of the residents of East Jerusalem, as native inhabitants and unlike immigrants, is so deep that even if their Israeli status “expires” following transfer of “center of life” abroad, the Minister of Interior must give considerable weight to “the unique position of these residents… as people who were born in this area – and sometimes their parents and parents’ parents were also born here – and who have been maintaining in it family and community life for years”.