Center for the Defence of the Individual - Joint Statement: Human Rights Are Not Terrorism
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Joint Statement: Human Rights Are Not Terrorism

Israel is persisting in its declaration of prominant Palestinian civil society organizations as terrorist groups. Recently, the military put words into action by raiding their offices and shutting them down.

These declarations are baseless. Indeed, the U.S. Administration, the European Union and other allies of Israel found Israel's allegations unconvincing. After thoroughly examining the material Israel provided them, all of the European countries that are donors to these organizations decided to continue their support.

Documentation, advocacy and legal aid are the core of human rights work around the world. Criminalizing such activity is a deplorable act charecteristic of repressive regimes.

We stand in solidarity with our fellow human rights defenders in Palestinian society. We reprudiate these baseless declarations and call on the international community to pressure Israel to revoke its decision.

ACRI; Itach Ma'aki; Mothers Against Violence; Isha L'Isha; The School for Peace; Bimkom; B'Tselem; Gisha; Gun Free Kitchen Tables; PCATI; Parents Against Child Detention; Social TV; The Joint Democratic Initiative; HaMoked; NIF; Human Rights Defenders Fund; Zochrot; Zazim; Haqel; The Abraham Initiatives; Yesh Din; Combatants for Peace; Mahapach-Taghir; Mehazkim; Machsom Watch; Akevot Institute; Looking the Occupation in the Eye; Adalah; Sikkuy-Aufoq; Oz Veshalom; Ir Amim; Women Against Violence; Emek Shaveh; Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality; Recognition Forum; The Parents Circle; Psychoactive; Harvest Coalition; Coalition of Women Against Weapons; Rabbis for Human Rights; PHRI; Breaking the Silence; Peace Now; Torat Tzedek; J Street

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