Proposed Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) (Amendment), 5767–2006 המוקד להגנת הפרט
Proposed Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) (Amendment), 5767–2006
Legislation | Proposed Bill | 18.12.2006
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Bill seeking to extend the Citizenship Law Temporary Order of August 2003 by a further two years. The bill also seeks to make far reaching changes in the temporary order, including expanding its applicability to residents and citizens of “risk countries” (Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq) and giving the Interior Minister the option of deciding that an applicant for an Israeli residency or stay permit may pose a security threat to Israel. The minister would also have wide discretion to deny an application for status based on an alleged security risk emanating from an applicant’s relative by significantly expanding the definition of “family member”. Finally, the bill includes a would-be “humanitarian exception” which apparently allows granting a residency or stay permit to residents of the Territories in special “humanitarian cases”; but this exception is merely smoke and mirrors: The highest status granted under it is temporary; it does not provide a solution for unique cases and subjects the cases in which a permit would be given as a “humanitarian exception” to quotas. Document available in Hebrew.
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