Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) (Amendment no. 2), 5767–2007 המוקד להגנת הפרט
Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order) (Amendment no. 2), 5767–2007
Legislation | Law | 28.03.2007
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The Knesset passed in third reading the discriminatory amendment to the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law which extends the temporary order by more than a year. The amendment will lead to the establishment of a committee for considering exceptional humanitarian grounds. Yet these are hollow words as it is stressed that the existence of a spouse or child in Israel is not, of itself, humanitarian grounds. Additionally, the permit to be given under the humanitarian exception will be temporary only, subject to quotas and will not provide a solution for unique cases. Under security grounds, the amendment expands the applicability of the temporary order to residents and citizens of Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq and gives the Interior Ministry broad discretion not to review family unification applications solely based on an applicant’s place of residency.
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