State failure to correct an address entry in the Israeli copy of the Palestinian population registry: the case of the couple Z המוקד להגנת הפרט عر HE wheel chair icon
State failure to correct an address entry in the Israeli copy of the Palestinian population registry: the case of the couple Z
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MZ and RZ, residents of the Palestinian Authority, registered their four children, who were born in the Ramallah area, in the Palestinian population registry immediately after birth. In late 2005, after the family moved to a different apartment in the Ramallah area, the father went to update their registered address. In the process, it was discovered that the children were erroneously registered as residents of Gaza Strip, Rafah, in the Israeli copy of the registry. Despite repeated notices by the Palestinian side, the error was not corrected. Therefore, HaMoked applied to the military legal advisor for the West Bank to have it corrected, had to wait long for a response. Eventually, the legal advisor informed that the error originated in the records of the Palestinian side, this, despite the fact that the documents appended to the initial application clearly proved the error occurred only in the Israeli copy.

On March 13, 2008, HaMoked petitioned to the High Court of Justice to order the state to amend children's listed address in its copy of the population registry. The state demanded the petition be dismissed, on the grounds that the Palestinian side had only delivered a "notice" rather than "a detailed request which clarifies the error was in the original entry, and explains why it should be corrected."
In its response, HaMoked expressed dismay over how and why was the Palestinian side expected to admit to an error another had made, and moreover, to explain the requested correction. HaMoked also argued that the state was utilizing the address errors in its copy of the registry, to place restrictions and sanctions on the Palestinian population and violate its basic rights.

In the hearing, the state admitted the error had been made in the Israeli copy of the registry, but insisted that the Palestinian side should forward a detailed request. Following the Justices' comments, the state had to retract its position and announced that the "detailed request" it had already received from the Palestinian side was sufficient. The agreement was endorsed by the verdict.
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