HCJ 4047/13 - Hadri et al. Prime Minister et al. Judgment המוקד להגנת הפרט
HCJ 4047/13 - Hadri et al. Prime Minister et al. Judgment
Judgment | Judgment / Supreme Court | 14.06.2015
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Judgment in HaMoked's petition to direct the Prime Minister to revoke Government Resolution 3598 prohibiting family unification of Israelis with Gaza residents. The court largely rejects the petition, ruling that so long as hostility persists between Gaza and Israel, there is substantive difficulty in conducting individual examinations of applicants living in Gaza and their applications may be rejected outright. In rejecting HaMoked's request to "upgrade" the status of Palestinians living in the West Bank for years who are still listed as Gaza residents in the population registry, the court rules that "The risk in granting a permit to stay in the Judea and Samaria Area and the risk in granting permission to stay in Israel from a certain age are not identical".
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